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 At  M.T.A  Models & Talent we can help you in most aspects in the Model and Talent industry to meet your goals and your needs. Whether you are looking to be a Model or Talent, or wanting to hire one, or any other related services that we provide, you have come to the right place, We are a multi-service modeling agency working in Manila Philippines. We only provide the best in the industry. At  M.T.A Models & Talent in Manila Philippines.


Manila Modeling and Talent Agency can help all new Models and Talent with complete services in all Model and Talent Promotional Marketing Tools in Manila, We can help with Fashion Shoots, Head-shots, Actors Resumes, Actor Reels, Zed Cards, Comp Cards, Digital portfolios, Actors workshops, all Modeling Directing & Runway Workshops in Manila Philippines. at Manila Modeling and Talent we help all ages, male and females with there new career, or even experienced & established people in the Model and Talent industry in Manila Philippines.

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  Print Models, Live Fashion Models, Actors  Promotional Models, Singers, all Talent.

  If you are a New Face or Talent in the Model & Talent industry in Manila or already working as a Model or Talent and would like to work with in Manila Philippines. Please submit your Modeling Photos. If you are a new Model or Talent or experience and would like to submit yourself to us, please go to our Model Talent Submission tab.

  Manila Modeling & Talent has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the Model and Talent industry in Manila Philippines. I will do everything possible to earn your business. I hope you give me the opportunity to prove myself to you.

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Modeling, Actors & Talent Services in Manila:   We are currently expanding our Model and Talent Services to Manila Philippines and throughout Asia. Our primary focus in the Manila Model and Talent industry are the following services: Film in Manila, TV shows, Voice Over, Live Fashion, Promotional Models convention trade-show, Editorial & Commercial print Modeling, Actors in Manila, All electronic Media, TV work commercials in Manila, Modeling in Manila, Video & Audio Marketing work, Production staffing, Casting director Manila, All Artist Management, Extras Advertising, Spokes-model,  Live fashion Trunk Shows, Teen Modeling,  Endorsements, Licensing, Public Relations in Manila, Personal Appearances, Brand Tours, Event and Merchandise, Creative Event Promotions, Package Design, Print & layout, Staffing, Bands, Singers, Casino staffing Promotions in Manila, Children models & Talent Manila, We are currently casting new Models and Talent in Manila Philippines. Please go to our model and talent submissions tab and follow all directions.    Don't Wait To Be Discovered